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Fair Trade

So, what is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is socially and environmentally responsible international trading. It is based on improving conditions of disadvantaged artisans & producers in developing countries. It is a means of trading that connects the consumer directly with producers ~ of often times impoverished regions of the world. The artisans that we work with, mainly women, are working in safe conditions, being paid fairly, treated respectfully & being supported towards the betterment of their (and their children's) lives. We purchase our products directly from the artists who are paid a fixed and fair price for their work; a price significantly greater than they would otherwise be paid for typical, hard labor work, such as construction. As there is no Fair Trade middle-man at Butterflymama, we are able to offer these products as extremely reasonable prices; and do so knowing that the money goes directly to the artisans and their familes. We mainly purchase our Fair Trade goods from India & Nepal. The organizations that we work closely with uphold the following standards:

They create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, particularly marginalized woman.

They pay the artisans prompt & fair wages.

They assist with furthering their education & training.

They give priority to women who have responsibility of their children.

They assist with providing & upholding good working conditions.

They fight child labor.

They assist artisans find a market & sell for their products.

They equip artisans with skills on business development such as learning the English language, business letter writing, marketing of their products etc. so that they can independently manage their business and increase the value of what they have to offer.

They assist with marketing techniques.

They provide loans to artisans who do not have collateral. Thus allowing them to purchase necessary raw materials.

They organize groups where artisans can interact and learn from others in similar situations.

We are proud and honored to be supporting such wonderful, creative and deserving women and families. Thank you so very much for your encouragement and support in this cycle of human welfare.